11 May 2023 (v2.92)

ReachFive v2.92 welcomes the usage of passkeys for iOS signup flows. We have deprecated a feature, and we made some general improvements with this release. We also fixed a few issues.

Release highlight

iOS authentication with passkeys

We now support signup flows with FIDO2 passkeys for iOS. This means that users are able to authenticate with any synchronised iOS device with a passkey onto your ReachFive-integrated site.

Several methods are available to make use of this featuer with our iOS SDK. The table below gives a high level overview. For more in-depth information, check out the method pages in our iOS docs.

Method Description


Signs up a user using a passkey.


This starts the autofill-assisted passkey login request.


Logs the user in using credentials stored in the keychain. The system displays all available credentials in the dialog (modal).


Logs the user in using credentials that are undiscoverable.


Adds a new passkey to an existing account.


We have deprecated the Recommender and Login popup features as per the attention announcement.

Other improvements

  • We have further strengthened our security around social login providers.

  • We upgraded to Liquibase 4.

  • We have added the address_complement field to the iOS address object.

    For more on this topic, see our iOS documentation.


Item Fixed

For those using Adobe as an email provider, user lockout email notifications were not being sent properly.

For a brief time, you couldn’t filter profiles by custom fields in the ReachFive Console.

In some limited cases, when updating a lite profile that contained an existing phone_number, the update would not behave as expected if the SMS feature was disabled.

There was temporarily a minor issue with the Identity Fraud Protection module.

Sometimes, when deleting user profiles in bulk, the ReachFive Console would display that 0 profiles were deleted when in fact the profiles had actually been deleted.