7 October 2021 (v2.60)

ReachFive v2.60 focuses primarily on fixing known issues and further enhancing our MFA feature.


Release highlight

Improved MFA

We have improved our Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) integration to strike the right balance between unnecessary friction in the user experience and optimal security. We now support Stepup authentication that allows you to verify a user’s identity before allowing them to perform sensitive actions such as updating personal information, paying with a loyalty card, or adding a new payment method.

For more details, check out our MFA Guide and MFA API endpoints.


Item Fixed

Select custom field values weren’t correctly applied.

You can no longer set a value that is undeclared in the ReachFive Console.

Certain archived consents were blocking user profile updates.

Consents are no longer displayed each time a user connects to the ReachFive Console through Azure AD.

It was possible to accept archived consents at signup.

Some user IDs weren’t deleted even after being set to null with the Update user endpoint.

Update email notifications were being sent to unverified emails after user updates in the ReachFive Console.

Response times periodically increased after a high volume of calls to the Update user endpoint.