02 December 2019 (2.21)

New features


  • Added the ability to whitelist IP addresses to bypass rate limiting

  • Added calling domain into well-known OpenID configuration

User data management

  • Updating a lite profile in the ReachFive Console no longer turns it into a managed profile

  • Improved lite profile management to allow deletion of attributes

  • Improved bulk consents update to also search for managed profiles

  • Improved user email management via API


  • Export module

    • New runNow parameter to launch a job directly after creation

    • New parameter to use complete or differential mode for export jobs

    • Export logs now display progression

  • Email & SMS providers

  • New Email update template for Email providers

  • New Password updated template for SMS providers

  • Added id and external_id fields in generic API payload

  • SDKs

    • Improved IE11 compatibility for SDK UI widgets & SDK core

    • Changed behavior to open providers login page in the same page

  • Hosted pages

    • New Password reset page

  • Jobs

    • New button to duplicate a job

  • Import module

    • New option in ReachFive Console to enable/disable Google Geocoding API for import jobs

    • Import logs now give rows in error


  • Fixed errors occurring when using PKCE method for the UMD bundle

  • Removed phone number validation in export jobs to avoid global export failure

  • Fixed Twitter social provider connection

  • Fixed an error occurring during the sign up process when a webhook URL is not configured properly

  • Fixed the display of icons in widgets