9 November 2023 (v2.103)

ReachFive v2.103 introduces a new field in the Identities object. We also made some other improvements. And as always, we fixed a few issues for you.

New provider_variant field

We have introduced the new provider_variant field in the Identities object as part of the User Profile model. A provider_variant is the variant of a particular social provider such as a country or brand-specific variant. With this, you can also filter profiles by provider variant as well.

For more details on the Identities object and user profile fields, see User Profile.

  • With the API, you can filter by provider_variant as a query parameter.

    Filter example
    curl https://<YOUR_DOMAIN>/api/v2/users/<USER_ID>?filter==provider_variant="<VARIANT_NAME>"
  • In the ReachFive Console, you can use the Filter icon to filter profiles and choose User Provider Variant.

    2103 filterbyVariant

Other improvements

  • We have increased the job timeout when exporting users via S3 to accommodate larger user volumes.

  • We have improved the UX for custom fields with the date type.

  • We now ensure that the kid as part of the JSON Web Key Sets does not expire on behalf of customers.


Item Fixed

Large exports, such as yearly user event exports, were causing issues with databases.