18 November 2019 (v2.20)

New features


  • Support additional password hash algorithm (password + salt ⇒ SHA256 x rounds)

  • Invalidate all profile refresh tokens on the same client when a revoked refresh token is used

  • Implement PKCE flow for username/password login


  • Hosted pages

    • Error management for the verified email page

    • Consent display on the sign up hosted page

    • Addition of error parameters on the verification page

  • Edit postal addresses via the ReachFive Console


  • Fixed city and country code set to USA for French users

  • Fixed HTTP 400 error handling while creating a profile

  • Deleted ABTasty entry from the ReachFive Console Integration menu

  • Changed default role to Analytics user for ADFS creation

  • Identity endpoints can no longer be called with a Management client

  • Fixed birthdate and profile address management in iOS and Android SDKs