9 November 2021 (v2.62)

ReachFive v2.62 focuses primarily on enriching our new Audit log module and supporting login with a phone_number in the showAuth widget.


Login with a phone number in the UI SDK

Login with a phone_number is now supported in the UI SDK. It is automatically available if the SMS option is activated.

See showAuth for more details about this improvement.


Audit log module

We have improved our Audit log module to immediately detect client_id creation events.

For more information, check out our Audit logs page.


Job definition run

The job_id is now present in the response payload after running a job_definition with the run endpoint to facilitate jobs administration with the dedicated Management API.


Item Fixed

You could not make the phone_number signUp field for showAuth mandatory.

There was a performance issue when multiple users were suspended with the suspend endpoint.