22 December 2022 (v2.84)

ReachFive v2.84 brings improvements to job execution logs, delivers a new event type for when users are locked out, and improves our error messages for more specific messaging. And of course, we fixed a couple of issues.

Job execution logs

We are introducing a new endpoint that allows you to export job logs with the Management API.

It has two query parameters:

  • include_all_log which lets you decide if you want all the logs or just errors.

  • format which specifies if you want the export file format in JSON or CSV.

    Defaults to CSV if left unspecified.

User lockouts

We have added a new user event type called profile_lockout that is triggered each time a user profile is locked. In addition to this new event type, we have ensured the counter for blocked accounts is reset to 0 after the appropriate amount of time, which makes sure the user is allowed to make the configured amount of attempts as expected.

For more on user account lockouts, see User lockouts.

Other improvements

We have improved the error messages for object storage transfer errors.

Instead of a general messages, you’ll get more detailed responses like:

  • Invalid SFTP credentials

  • The SFTP server closed the connection

  • The SFTP server is unreachable

For more details on error messages, see SDK and API errors.


Item Fixed

In some limited cases, you could assign a true value to an archived consent when it should only be possible to assign the value to false.

We had a minor compatibility issue with our birthdate object from a third party API response.