8 September 2022 (v2.78)

ReachFive v2.78 introduces our initial SCIM feature, enhances the signup invitation flow and improves retrieving user profile information. We also fixed one issue.

Release highlight

beta icon Beta release 2024-05-22

SCIM launch

We have launched our initial SCIM feature.

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management, better known as SCIM, is a specification that is specifically designed to simplify managing user identities in cloud-based settings. The primary purpose of SCIM is to automate (in a secure fashion) exchanging user identities between cloud applications and service providers.


Enhanced signup invitation flow

You can now complete the signup invitation flow with a verification_code by using the new getSignupDataPost endpoint.

With this POST operation, you can still pass the token as part of the request payload if so desired.
For more information, check out Signup invitation.

Other improvements

  • Previously, if a phone_number was invalid, you could not retrieve the user profile information. Now, you can still receive the user profile information even if the phone_number itself is invalid.


Item Fixed

In some cases, exceptions in an export job were impacting the whole module.