02 December 2021 (v2.63)

ReachFive v2.63 focuses primarily on improving our Consent management module and resolving a few bug fixes.

User data


It’s now possible to define a reporter for each individual consent when updating a profile through the Management API.


Social login accessibility

We have improved the accessibility of our social login buttons to comply with the RGAA standards and facilitate their usage.

New refreshTokens method

You can now refresh an access_token with a refresh_token with the Core JS SDK thanks to the refreshTokens method.

For more information on refresh tokens in general, check out our Refresh tokens guide.


Item Fixed

Consent titles weren’t present in the Get consent grant stats endpoint response.

There was a minor performance issue when searching for some specific fields with the Search user endpoint.

A suspended user was unsuspended after an update with the Management API.

Lite profiles using an identifier when created with the Lite registration endpoint resulted in an error.

The search for an external_id containing an uppercase in the ReachFive Console wasn’t responding correctly.

The consent date could be updated when sending a payload that didn’t change the grant status of a consent.

The consent date could be updated when importing a file that didn’t change the grant status of a consent.

An archived consent group could appear as accepted in the consent log when creating a user profile .