23 March 2022 (v2.69)

ReachFive v2.69 continues to improve our reCAPTCHA v3 integration, enhances our rate limiting feature and provides a few fixes as well.



We are still actively developing our reCAPTCHA v3 integration. reCAPTCHA protection is now separated by endpoint, allowing you to activate it for specific endpoints that suit your needs. The possible endpoints for activation are:

Rate limiter

You can now configure rate limiting for the passwordless flow directly from the ReachFive Console.

269 rate limite passwordless console
For more, check out our Rate limiting guide.

Audit logs

We have improved our Audit log module to immediately detect any user update or deletion in the ReachFive Console.

For more information, check out our Audit logs page.


Email second factor deletion

You can now delete user emails that are used as second factor MFA credentials through the Management API with the new Delete email MFA credentials endpoint. This can often help users recover their account.

For more details on Multi-factor Authentication, check out our MFA Guide.


We have added a new Export Definition type: User Consents.

It works the same way as other export jobs, using either CSV or JSON files with any desired filters, but in this case, the User Consents export definition exports only the data in the consent log.

This feature is only available to ReachFive accounts that have both the Consents and Export Jobs enabled.

You can find this new job type on your ReachFive Console under Settings  Export definitions menu.

269 export definition user consents console
For details on exporting consent logs, check out the Export user consent logs guide.


Item Fixed

There was an issue displaying the favicon configured in Hosted Pages.

There were some issues with consent logs when merging user profiles.

The grant page was (incidentally) always displayed during OaaS flows.

Some signup requests responded with a 500 http error.