25 April 2024 (v2.111)

ReachFive v2.111 introduces a few improvements and needed bug fixes. You can now retrieve the age range for Naver users. We have also updated some of our MFA endpoints to better improve integration with your site(s). With this release, you can leverage the WeChat mini program flow. As always, we made some general improvements and fixed a few items for you.

You are now able to retrieve and leverage the naver_age_range information from Naver users. This is possible through the provider_metadata object in the User Profile model. You can also filter by the age range directly in the ReachFive Console for exports, pub/sub hooks, and webhooks.

For more details, see Naver.

  • User profile model

  • ReachFive Console

  "provider_metadata": {
    "naver": {
      "naver_age_range": "30~39" (1)
1 The full list of potential values retrieved from Naver:
  • 0-9

  • 10-19

  • 20-29

  • 30-39

  • 40-49

  • 50-59

  • 60-

You can filter by age range in Export job definitions, Pub/Sub hooks, and User-event webhooks.

2111 naver ageRange

Return credentials in MFA verification endpoints

We have improved a few of our MFA endpoints so that integrators can provide useful information to users upon verifying credentials.

The following updates now return the verified credential in the response:

  • Identity API

  • Management API

Response example

  • Phone number

  • Email

  "created_at": "2024-04-18T13:57:31.650Z",
  "phone_number": "+33612345680",
  "friendly_name": "+33612345680",
  "type": "sms"
  "created_at": "2024-04-18T13:57:31.650Z",
  "email": "john.doe@example.com",
  "friendly_name": "john.doe@example.com",
  "type": "email"

WeChat mini program

With this release, we introduce ReachFive integration with WeChat mini programs. A mini program does not follow the same flow as other Social Login providers. In the case of this release, we are introducing the mini program for WeChat.

  1. Configure a variant with mini_program as part of the name in the WeChat connector in the ReachFive Console.

    Accepted names
    • my_mini_program

    • mini_program

    • mini_program_production

    • tiny_program

  2. Start the flow using the wx.login method, where you’ll receive a code in the response.

  3. Using this code, call the ReachFive /oauth/provider/token endpoint.

For more details, see WeChat Connect.

Other improvements

  • As part of the improvements to be able to retrieve the Naver user age range, we have renamed the related Kakao user age range from age_range to kakaotalk_age_range in the User Profile model. This helps to ensure integrators are using the correct fields and avoids any confusion.


Item Fixed

Some endpoints such as searchUsers and exportUsers were returning unexpected results.