7 March 2024 (v2.108)

ReachFive v2.108 brings some exciting updates to our Recent activity feature in the ReachFive Console. The improvements in this release also let you retrieve addresses from KakaoTalk users. As always, we fixed some issues for you.

Release highlight

Recent activity improvements

With the v2.108 release, you can see much more related to user activity directly from the ReachFive Console. Previously, this only showed when a user logged in. Now, the Recent activity tab displays a wealth of user activity information. As well as being able to view more details on user activity, you can set and save filters so that you get exactly the information you need.

  • User activity list

  • User activity filter

Now, more events are shown under Recent activity just like in the screenshot below.

For more details, see Recent activity.

user recent activity expanded list

You can view a user’s recent activity from the ReachFive Console. To help alleviate long lists of activity or if you simply want to have certain activities grouped together, you can create a filter.

For more details, see Recent activity filter.

user recent activity filter

KakaoTalk user addresses

With this release, you can now retrieve addresses from KakaoTalk users. Once the user consents, you can pull in all the address information directly into ReachFive.

You first need to create a few custom address fields called kakaotalk_address_id, receiver_phone_number2, and zone_number. Otherwise, the address won’t be imported. This helps to avoid duplicating any addresses.

For more details, see Kakao Connect.

Address example
  "addresses": [
      "id": 0,
      "to_delete": true,
      "default": true,
      "address_type": "delivery",
      "street_address": "10 rue Chaptal",
      "address_complement": "4 étage",
      "locality": "Paris",
      "postal_code": "75009",
      "region": "Île-de-France",
      "country": "South Korea",
      "recipient": "Matthieu Winoc",
      "phone_number": "0723538943",
      "custom_fields": {
        "receiver_phone_number2": "0723538944", (1)
        "zone_number": "12345", (2)
        "kakaotalk_address_id": "333" (3)
1 The receiver_phone_number2 custom address field to map to the Kakao equivalent field.
2 The zone_number custom address field. This is the 5 digit code for a road name system. It is required for the road name address system.
3 The kakaotalk_address_id custom address field. This must be present.


Item Fixed

In some cases, custom fields were lost when unifying profiles (lite, managed, social).