client.listWebAuthnDevices(authToken, success, failure)

About this command

When authenticated, the user can list the registred FIDO2 devices.

  • The WebAuthn feature must be enabled on your ReachFive account.


import com.reach5.identity.sdk.core.models.AuthToken

val profileAuthToken: AuthToken = // Here paste the authorization token of the profile retrieved after login

    authToken = profileAuthToken,
    success = { devices -> ... }, // Get the list of devices
    failure = { error -> ... } // Return a ReachFive error


authToken AuthToken

Authorization token of the profile retrieved from login.

idToken string

The ID token JSON Web Token (JWT) that contains the profile’s information.

accessToken string

The authorization credential JSON Web Token (JWT) used to access the ReachFive API.

refreshToken string

The refresh token JSON Web Token (JWT) used to obtain new access tokens once they expire.

tokenType string

The type of token. Always equal to Bearer.

expiresIn number

The lifetime in seconds of the access token.

If expiresIn is less than or equal to 0, the AuthToken is expired.

user OpenIdUser

The user’s information contained in the ID token.

success function

Callback called once the fetch has succeeded. You’ll get the list of DeviceCredential as an argument.

failure function

Callback called once the request has failed. You’ll get a ReachFiveError as an argument.


Type: Unit


The list of the devices credentials.

friendlyName string

The name of the FIDO2 device.

id string

The identifier of the FIDO2 device.


message string

The message of the error.

code string

The HTTP error code.

exception string

The stack trace of the error.

data ReachFiveApiError

Additional data about the error.

error string

The main error message.

errorId string

The identifier of the error.

errorUserMsg string

The user-friendly error message.

This property is translated according to the user’s browser settings. Currently supported languages:
  • de - Deutsch

  • en - English

  • es - Español

  • fr - Français

  • it - Italiano

  • nl - Nederlands

  • ru - Ру́сский (Russian)

errorMessageKey string

The technical error code.

errorDescription string

The technical error message.

errorDetails ReachFiveApiErrorDetails

  • field - The field concerned by the error.

  • message - The message error returned for the field.