container: HTMLElement|id,
  accessToken: string,
  // Optional arguments
  theme: object,
  i18n: object


Show the widget allowing to manage the user’s registered FIDO2 devices.

  • The Webauthn feature must be enabled on your ReachFive account.


const accessToken = // Here paste the authorization token of the profile retrieved after login

  container: 'webauthn-devices-container',
  theme: { primaryColor: '#274890' }




container HTMLElement |id

The DOM element or the id of a DOM element in which the widget should be embedded.

accessToken string

The authorization credential JSON Web Token (JWT) used to access the ReachFive API, less than five minutes old.

theme object

The options to set up to customize the appearance of the widget.

primaryColor string

The button and link default color.

Default to #229955.

borderRadius string

The radius of the social login button and other input (in px).

This can be used to make inline and/or circle social login buttons.

Default to 3.

socialButton object

Social button theming options.

i18n object

Widget labels and error messages to override. Falls back to the default wordings in en, fr, es, it and nl.

For example, you might re-word the socialAccounts.linkNewAccount or change the way other wordings display to the user while leaving the remaining text on the widget intact.