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  // Optional arguments

About this command

Starts passwordless flow by sending an email or an SMS to the profile with a single-use auth code.


  • With an email

  • With a phone number

import com.reach5.identity.sdk.core.models.Profile

  email = "john.doe@email.com",
  redirectUri = "reachfive-${clientId}://callback",
  successWithNoContent = { _ -> ... }, // Do something
  failure = { error -> ... } // Return a ReachFive error
import com.reach5.identity.sdk.core.models.Profile

  phoneNumber = "+33612345678",
  redirectUri = "reachfive-${clientId}://callback",
  successWithNoContent = { _ -> ... }, // Do something
  failure = { error -> ... } // Return a ReachFive error


email string

The email address of the profile.

phoneNumber string

The phone number of the profile.

Both the international format and the national conventions of the account’s country are accepted if configured in account settings.

redirectUri string

The URL where the user will be redirected after the passwordless success. Default value is reachfive-${clientId}://callback.

successWithNoContent function

Callback called once the request has succeeded. No argument is expected.

failure function

Callback called once the request has failed. You’ll get a ReachFiveError as an argument.


Type: Unit


message string

The message of the error.

code string

The HTTP status code.

Redirection errors

The errors listed here are specific to redirection activity for the ReachFive Android SDK.

  • 0 = Success!

  • -1 = Unexpected result. Contact support.

  • 1 = Request aborted.

  • 2 = Unauthorized request.

exception string

The stack trace of the error.

data ReachFiveApiError

Additional data about the error.

error string

The main error message.

errorId string

The identifier of the error.

errorUserMsg string

The user-friendly error message.

This property is translated according to the user’s browser settings. Currently supported languages:
Currently supported languages
  • ar - العربية Arabic

  • de - Deutsch German

  • en - English

  • es - Español Spanish

  • fr - Français French

  • hu - Magyar Hungarian

  • it - Italiano Italian

  • jp - 日本 Japanese

  • ko - 한국인 Korean

  • nl - Nederlands Dutch

  • pt - Portuguese

  • ru - Ру́сский Russian

  • sk - Slovenský Slovak

  • zh-HK - 廣東話 Hong Kong Traditional Chinese

errorMessageKey string

The technical error code.

errorDescription string

The technical error message.

errorDetails ReachFiveApiErrorDetails

  • field - The field concerned by the error.

  • message - The message error returned for the field.