Retrieve all the providers registered on the ReachFive client.

Refer at the iOS SDK Installation to initialize the providers at the client’s instantiation.

  • The scopes provided are the permissions setup in the provider’s configuration through the console.


import IdentitySdkCore

let providers = AppDelegate.reachfive().getProviders()


Type: Provider[]


The provider which name matches the name passed in argument.

name string

The name of the provider.

possible values
  • facebook

  • google

  • paypal

  • twitter

  • franceconnect

  • apple

  • oney

login function

Expect the following arguments:

  • scope [String]: the list of the profile’s scopes. Make sure they are allowed by the client. Default scopes are the allowed scopes set up in the client’s configuration.

  • origin String: the origin of the call

  • viewController UIViewController: the class that manages the views of your iOS app.

It authenticates the profile with the provider otherwise it returns a ReachFiveError.

logout function

No argument is expected. Kill the SSO session of the profile otherwise returns a ReachFiveError.