Android SDK: Facebook Connect

Released on 5 January


This announcement was made on the 5 January.
We expect to release these changes into production on approximately the 5 January.

We have updated our Android SDK to match the needs from Facebook’s SDK for Facebook Connect which requires that you also now provide the Client Access Token as part of your strings.xml file. This requires you to update your Android SDK to 9.0.0.

For more details, see our Android SDK documentation.


You must add the Facebook Client Access Token to your strings.xml file and reference it in the AndroidManifest.xml file.

  • strings.xml file

  • AndroidManifest.xml file

    <string name="facebook_app_id">FACEBOOK_APPLICATION_ID</string> (1)
    <string name="facebook_client_token">FACEBOOK_CLIENT_TOKEN</string> (1)
1 Get your App ID and Client Access Token from your Facebook Developer account.
      android:value="@string/facebook_app_id" /> (1)
      android:value="@string/facebook_client_token" /> (1)
      android:label="@string/app_name" />
1 Get your App ID and Client Access Token from your Facebook Developer account.

Why did we do this?

We did this to ensure compatibility with the latest changes for Facebook and to ensure our customers are receiving the best possible experience with our Android SDK.

For more details on Facebook Connect, see the Facebook Developer documentation.