Custom providers

You should use the generic Email API to send emails when:

  • ReachFive Console does not provide a native integration with your SaaS solution. You need to implement the generic email API, and then send your emails from your system as you would.

  • You use a custom or in-house piece of software to manage emails. You will need to implement our generic API and then map the data sent to your template and email service.

Provider setup

  1. In the ReachFive Console, go to Providers  Emails.

  2. Enter the SMTP configuration details.

  3. Select Custom provider

  4. Select the endpoint where you would like ReachFive Console to send email requests

  5. Select Send test email to validate the configuration.
    The email is sent to the address of the user currently logged in.

Select the endpoint where you would like ReachFive to send email requests

The request and payload are the following.

Please note that the payload is not customizable.


  "email": "string/email",
  "template_id": "string",
  "personalizations": {
     "given_name": "string",
     "last_name": "string",
     "gender": "string",
     "redirect_url": "string/url"